Power and Place, indians in america…..Vine Deloria and Daniel Wildcat

Before I get unto Lee Smolins’ space-and time-reasoning, I highlight an argument by Vine Deloria Jr. (RIP) and Daniel Wildcat regarding place and selfhood; DW is a professor at Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence(!!!) Kansas, my brother in arms. It may surprise some of you, however  there are not enough words to point to place(s) as the most powerful referent in indian metaphysics. In Power and Place: Indian education in america. 2001. Fulcrum Resources; Vine and Daniel argued that even in todays’ realities of indian rezervations-dire to say the least- for young tribal members, power  and place shape their personality. It is not trivial that power, the energy used in action derived from the totality of your “light-life-cone” must be appropriate-respectful- to the place and all the relations that live in that place. Therefore, knowledge has intrinsic moral consequences.  Indian-local- knowledge is founded on systematic observations of nature’s cycles, combined with societal arrangements that hold, develop, and communicate this knowledge for the benefit of the community, thereby dispersing moral principles implicit in that knowledge. It is easy to follow an adaptive ecosystems rationale to indian life, despite nay sayers, which i understand are now yes sayers ( Shepard Krech III (hopefully there it wont be a IV:-) The ecological indian, for example, a modern “scientific” diatribe against indians)


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