A. Einstein's foreword to Max Jammer: Concepts of Space: the history and theories of space in physics. 1953

” Now as to the concept of space, it seems that this was preceded by the psychologically simpler concept of place. Place is first of all a (small portion) of the earth’s surface identified by a name. The thing whose “place” is being specified is a “material object” or body. Simple analysis shows “place’ also to be a group of material objects.  Does the word “place” have a meaning independent of this one, or can one assign such a meaning to it?  If one has to give a negative answer to this question, then one is led to the view that space (or place) is a sort of order of material objects and nothing else. If the concept of space is formed and limited in this fashion, then to speak of empty space has no meaning. And because the formation of concepts has always been ruled by instinctive striving for economy, one is led quite naturally to reject the concept of empty space” (more to follow)


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