Joe Polchinski & Raphael Bousso

I have not able to update Lee Smolins view on space/time. Maybe I should ask him to do it. In the meantime, I bring J. Polchinski and R. Bousso fascinating work , which has similarly, fascinating consequences for our place in the universe.




From J. Polchinsky.THE COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT AND THE STRING LANDSCAPE. arXiv:hep-th/0603249v2  : ” That the universe is vastly larger than what we see, with different laws of physics in different patches, is without doubt a logical possibility.One might argue that even if this is true it is forever outside the domain of science, but I do not think it is up to us to put a priori bounds onthis domain. Indeed, we now have five separate lines of argument (thepredictions near the end of Sec. 1) that point in this direction. Our current understanding is not frozen in time, and I expect that if this idea is true (or if it is not) we will one day know”.      

 The Statistical Universe: Incubator. by Raphael Bousso. October 17, 2008:  “Because extra dimensions need not be tied up the same way everywhere, physical laws may vary from place to place. Inflation makes each “legal district” much larger than the visible universe, giving us the illusion that particles and forces are the same everywhere. But beyond our cosmic horizon, inflation allows the universe to grow so enormous that it contains every set of possible laws that can be constructed from string theory. Eight years ago, Joe Polchinski and I estimated that the number of possibilities is truly enormous: a one with roughly 500 zeros behind it (10500).”

Besides the fact their calculations may be counterintuitive, the message is clear: we are-or could be- in a special place in the multi-universe. I recomend also reading: Fotini Markapoulou The internal description of a causal set: What the universe looks like from the inside.




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