Me, Brian and Sam (the order of pronoun and names makes the music)

Looking again unto  Brian D. work: I reviewed his lecture: “A critical point for science?”             

 in where he claims that the origin of the critical-point idea is Samantha Parto-on musical creativity-(from interview with Triste magazine):  when you stare into that space and that deepness, you get close to the place where things begin, and that’s a [good] place to be [for making music]”. Inmediately, her elegant observation entangled one of my many unpublished essays, which ends: “But, often unnoticed, before pain, there is the void. The void of the absence of love, the absence of mother, the missing dad, abusiveness, the abandoned child, betrayal, abandonment, the lost lover, the dead lover, the dead mate, loss in itself and once again, forsaken pain. However, I long for those rare sweet blue days when pain metamorphoses into mother’s uterine fluid nurturing absent memories of voidness that magically, give birth to a potent poem, a human scream, a cry for help, a striking musical score, a soothing tale, a beautiful scientific paper, a mathematical equation, compassionate love, eternal love, dear Linda Jean, and friendship. Enfin, a graceful human moment carrying the burden of creation on its pain. Pain redeemed by grace“. I dont know about you, but I intuit the intertwining of the ideas-emotions.

The whole exchange( the before the last question ending the interview is actually this:                        

Triste: Death seems to be a common theme in your live shows. Where has that come from? Is that purely the “old time” vibe coming through or is it a subject you feel is important to sing about?                                                                                                                    

Sam(antha) Parton: I don’t know where that comes from, really. It’s true, we sing a few songs about death. We’ve all had to deal with it in our lives, of course. I think that really there’s such an incredible amount of emotion you experience when you get close to death, and when you stare into that space and that deepness, you get close to the place where things begin, and that’s a healthy place to be, I think, especially when it comes to writing songs and singing and such. We three all have a healthy respect for death I suppose.                               

The Be Good Tanyas are an all girl trio based in Vancouver consisting of Samantha Parton, Frazey Ford and Trish Klein.


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