More Einstein in Jammers' Space Foreword

“The victory over the concept of absolute space or over that of the inertial system became possible only because the concept of the material object was gradually replaced as the fundamental concept of physics by that of the FIELD (my emphasis).  Under the influence of the ideas of Faraday and Maxwell the notion developed that the whole of physical reality could perhaps be represented as a field whose components depend on 4 space- time parameters…there is no empty space, that is, there is no space without a field.”

I bring this in because of non-locality: more later


2 Responses to “More Einstein in Jammers' Space Foreword”

  1. Phil Duran Says:

    Dear Roberto, is the field concept truly a victory? Well, it definitely moved physics in the right direction. But it still did not eliminate the dualistic framework because it combined the idea of a continuous field with material points that are discontinuous in space. It was Einstein himself who pointed this out. Maxwell’s theory (of electrodynamics) adequately describes the behavior of electrically charged particles but does not provide a theory of the particles themselves; these have to be treated as mass points, however small. What is needed is a theory in which particles consist of the same substance as the field itself. If you’ve cooked cream of wheat without sufficient stirring and noticed lumps in the mixture, you get the idea: The lumps consist of the same substance as the cereal but are more dense; i.e. more concentrated. An approach in which BOTH particles and fields are created from a lower dimension, a lower level or order of existence, such as Bohm’s implicate order, would likely resolve this problem of duality. I believe that all physical existence arises from this lower order, which I believe is alive and active yet unobservable. Thus, everything in the observable universe, from quantum particles to galaxies, is alive because life begets life. Space is not empty but neither is it dead.

  2. Roberto Gonzalez-Plaza Says:

    Good point Felipe, as a matter of fact, in his second slide, Brian J.s’ lecture (see link below) to the Cambridge Univeristy Physics Society, March 2008, states: ” current(sic) physics implicitly assumes matter is fundamental…life and mentality-are-more basic than matter”..

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