Ecological Society of America 2009

I have been attending ESA 2009…lots of talks… lots..but ….what are we gonna do about…well errr…. everything? I should mention the splendid work of the Traditional Ecological Knowledge section organizing visits to pueblo, Cultural Center and symposia regarding the intersection of science and indian knowledge. Mimi E. Lam leads the effort strongly supported by elder Dennis Martinez, who has been around longer than most of us. Particulalry significant was the presence of Tesuque, Jemez and Santa Clara elders that spoke to a packed room. Good job Dr. Lam: I hear the TEK membership rocketed up.


One Response to “Ecological Society of America 2009”

  1. Josephine Says:

    Think like the bodhisattva! Acknowledge that by being connected to it all, you actually have a thousand hands.
    That means that as thoughts get planted, versions of yourself will become inspired by their discovery, and take action.

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