Fliessgleichgewicht: towards a description of life

Fliessgleichgewicht: Ludwig von Bertalanffys’ legendary mintage, means “flowing balance”…and characterizes, from  thermodynamics,  living systems, which are open and in steady state. Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (dear friend; R.I.P) (”The Santiago School”) relied in open systems thermodynamics to come up with a surprising bit of biology, absolutely unappreciated by most- there was a question about the language-but nonetheless their analysis has sprouted underneath the work of S. Kauffman, Sterelny, Tecumseh Fitch and many, many others, and recently in the gorgeous work of Leonardo Bich and Luisa Damiano from Bergamo and Roma. They published: Order in the Nothing: Autopoiesis and the Organizational Characterization of the Living: Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics – Special Issue 2007- “Physics of Emergence and Organization” , World Scientific,2008, pp. 343-373., v. 4, n. 16(1), I. Licata  A. Sakaji (eds.). Luisa came out with the book : Unity in Dialogue, Mondari 2009, still not translated to English that I’m aware of, which she sent from Tokyo: grazie Cara Luisa. Tecumseh published Fitch, W. T. (2008). “Nano-intentionality:  A defense of intrinsic intentionality,” Biology and Philosophy 23: 157-177. This paper is striking in the sense that as M&V have long held, cognition is a sine qua non condition of the living: human cognition is a special-species case. The intersection of our Dialogue and the work mentioned here can be summarized as Dialogues with Nature: cool idea. You’ll see


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