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March 12. 100 aftershocks later..

March 13, 2010

The week of february 22nd I  decided to restart writing. I had problems with the hosting URL so I asked P.H.D.uran, a dear elder,   getting files over here. He is a genius: he did it. However the 8.8 earthquake in Chile caught and cut me off from my stream of blogging. I also have  at home  the international chilean tv signal, therefore, I have spent 2 weeks watching the evolution of events: the evolution of the 8.8.  I send all my love, condolences and best wishes to all, to those that lost dear ones. Somehow this megaquake, retraces itself to my posts about suicide(s) and merges with the death of Corey Haim, a younger years  shining star-for me-who run out of fuel too soon. How these moments converge I will try to explain.   The earthquake in Chile symbolizes life ephemerity, life so sudden, ready to be swallowed by a wave or crushed by our own making-if you are caught sleeping in a seismic recessive  house. So does Coreys’ life: cut too short, unrealized beauty, crushed by his own specific  weight, unbereable. (So was Ms Virginia Woolf and Ms. Plath).  The lives of the people that died in the quake and ensuing tsunami are back to us. More died by water than by fire, people didnt run out fuel, they were THE fuel. Chile according to USGS releases 40 % of all quake energy stored in plates dynamics. Some plates.  I remind you that there was a volcanic eruption, Chaiten, an earthquake and a tsunami in 2007 (Aysen, ~45 S)” it was close to 7. Too many, too strong, a lotta shakin’ goin on. Chile: where was thou built?? Talk about a dangerous choice: gimme a break. Is this mapuches’ revenge?  Does  most energy quake release happens in the freaking southern hemisphere? Maybe this is the destiny of the Northern Hemisphere: we will all migrate northwards. And then southwards. Not sure about this.

Where and how all these streams of consciousness lead? Corey Haim was a favourite a long time ago. Lucas and the Lost boys were classics although I liked best  Silver Bullett with Busey and Everet McGill.  I went through reruns on cable of Lost Boys and decided to find out how he was doin      and watched his reality horrible show with the other Corey, Feldmann, it wasnt terrible: it was for real. It was horrifying in vivid real time decadence. CH uses-it was the least expected- Van Gogh Starry Night as wallpaper motif in his homepage. Being myself  a fan of this painting,  I thought it was a remarkable coincidence and curious, sent an email to his manager, but never got an answer. Never had done anything of this sort. It has really shaken me. It went through my head calling him. This makes me sad. Very.

So, how these events merge, They dont. They share through the same brutal impact in my affection leaving a groundless self considering whether, actually why- these feelings are alien to most. Which doesnt matter, because it is-mine- the inability to deal with the magnitude of the quake and with the magnitude of human tragedy unavoidable. (reread february 9 2011)