El papa…rararara

The title of this post is the punch line of a phenomenal joke: papa is a quechua word for potatoe and rararrara is the onamatopyeic of hurrah ( in spanish). People in the joke speak of the Pope unkowingly as a potato., so forth ( I forgot the joke’s script though). in any case, everyone is foaming for or against the Pope in Britain. Unless the anti-papa protests get big, the Pope has TKO the “atheists” ( why are atheists a “movement”, about what anyways? : I dont see an atheist solution to increased rates of poverty here). He beat them to the punch in particular due to the tepidity of atheist actions. I scanned the british press this morning: the Pope won. 5 to 1. In response to some friends; I DONT like this Pope, when he was elected there were many strong, unequivocal statements made mostly in the “Third World (sic) (according to the First World”) regarding the popes’ political stance, which sucks and it is inmoral and to which I dont adhere.  We have a leg to stand on. Im talking six years at least, ago. But wasnt even dreaming having a blog


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