Palin (the Jr) Stewart, Colbert et al.

Hope for (the) US: Colbert and Stewart are holding DC rallies on Oct 30. Long live the movement!! Gleck (Beck) trembles shivers and shudders or maybe not-while Palin the Jr dances away looking cheap. Some say is character some say is derangement. I say : sue your mother, however my sensibilities are different than most, but I would swear she was trying to look like her- mother.? Finally. Utter madness? I predict that this will be a turning point in our history. Showing-in a sex-n-ual manner-yourself on TV is a prolongation of cheerleading and being a comedian is a prolongation of high school lampooning but Now is when it gets “serious” and becomes mainstream. Stewart asked about the DADT repeal; are we run by a**holes? I say we are a**holes (mostly) run by a**holes (definitely)Forgot to mention the  highheelathon (sob)……or maybe this is the right way and  the end of history??


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