A coward, moral

Jacob Weisberg on sept 13 print Newsweek (4 million worldwide readership, 1.7 million in the US, according to Wikifreakingpedia) wrote  the dammingly titled” Obamas’ moral cowardice”, requesting his moral leadership in these fateful american way days. Is there even an audience for these arguments? Nobody wants to be reminded of their own mral cowardice(s) so apparently obvious the last decades (starting with the Iraq war). The article raises the moral specters that hover in our backs and will remain unsolved a for a while particularly if the GOP and the TOP win the Congress (light candles and use vudu dolls ad libitum). Interesting timing nonetheless after Marc H. fall from grace (the moral scientist that went inmoral: did he?). One cant exercise moral lives without a change in heart. Where are the 5 horsemen when you need them? (the team has a new member).


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