Sleuthes or dicks(sluts)…? the same thing, baby

Disclaimer: I KNOW it is SLEUTH, the SLEUTHE is a pun in british spelling and american snobbery. I am not that illiterate
This last summer I watched a docudrama about the history of DNA  structure “discovery”.  Jeff Goldblum plays a convingly abnoxius  J Watson. Nature-September 30-has published an extensive comment discussing some of  F. Crick correspondence, considered lost, comcerning that point in time and others. Something went on, W and C did something that impacted R. Franklin until her death. As F Crick puts it, he and J Watson burglarized  data and kidnapped R Franklin work.  Obviously Nature  glamorizes  the inmoral behaviour of these  molecular “sluts” , which the establishment largely condoned and condones today to an inimaginable extent. Comically, the article before the comment about Crick’s letters,  is a report about reserch sabotage in Michigan State. Seriously. I wanna cry.
December disclaimer; I spoke twice to F. Crick shortly before he died, I didnt know he was ill. I wanted him to visit the rez. He never made it. The tenderness in his voice stroke me as a a bad fit with the memory i had. . I had met him previoulsy in my east coast years and he was a pompous insufferable genius. I want to believe he was sorry for what he did to RF. he was gonna lecture my students about his search for the neural corrrelate of consciousness. Which yet has not been found. maybe Dennett will invent a gedanken to find it.


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