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Halloween and Christmas

October 28, 2010

Im surprised that many of my atheists friends (of the non-vociferant clade) celebrate All-Hallows-Eve and Xtmas. I find this inconsistent and somehow irrational.


Channeling Johnny Cash

October 28, 2010

Dear beautiful actress Jane Seymour showed up Monday on the View, the syncophantic ABC show (which I watch at the gym running the mile). There she stated that one of her sons channels Johnny Cash and that he makes amazing music, inspired by the angel that J. Cash is. Ms Seymour has a wonderful pedigree, well educated, pretty, lovely as Solitaire, but she explicitly believes in angel Cash? A long shot. Do we think less of her? Does this make her dumb-er? How do we balance respect with idiocy? Tough.

The Genesis of Hope and Niebhur

October 25, 2010

“:….was borrowed from Low Ger. Some suggest a connection with hop (v.) on the notion of “leaping in expectation.” Related: Hoped; hoping..”

Sullivan made a stimulating analysis of Obama and Niebhurs’ approach to hope.

Accelerating negative Zeitgeist or the pomposity of the audacity of hope.

October 24, 2010

Pomposity of Hope for democrats? the people? Barack: good vs evil? (what an astonishginly silly name: democrats should be renamed mediocrats). But, wait there is hope: the WSJ acknowledged a somehow surprising early voting poll, suposedly boosting democrats’ hope(s): nonetheless, the relationship between early voting and democrats is unclear to me, especially after the sunday talking heads versions: what a bunch of ignorants. Still, I anxiously wait for a GOP failure(not getting Senate, but yes the congress). In this Im seconded by M Steele, (the almost black RNC head) and a Tea Party debacle: the TPers (what an astonishingly silly name) are a particularly nasty segment of the human race. However, if the young TP are like Ms O’Donnell for example, there is reason to assume they will go extinct but not soon enough, i am afraid. There it cant possibly be so many people of this disposition (i mean beyond the mean of being mean nd silly) After Baracks’ election, everybody sat in their asses waiting for the audacity of hope?Instead they got Godot (nobody with no hope for “redemption) and hoped that hope would bring audacity. Instead it came: uneployment ( a conspiray theory would claim right wing extremists are responsible ) increasing racism, bigotry, alienation, “deficits”, freak candidates: AZ going Nazi, Boehner going orange, atheists going wild, christians going ape (no pun intended) Paladino, Angle, O’Donbell, Fiorina, Palin going grizzly on her own (how long will she carry her Down baby around, she should charged with child abuse?)Arpaio making a political run, possibly. So much for hope politically.

In different domains of hope we have the hope of instead of dealing with safer NFL helmets, or changing the rules, we get players suspensions for head-on charges, which is a silly thought: it wont protect the players and will make the “game” duller (whats american football without the goriness of human bulls launching at each other? head on?) i take corridas de toros anytime.But wait, hope from outer space: NASA ‘discovers” water, again in the moon, actually one frozen crater, and a new hospitable for life “planet’ is announced. This is some concrete hope.

The making of (formerly) banana republicz; US entitlement

October 5, 2010

Francis Collins, NIH director has apologized, so has the US to the Guatemala and Guatemalans subjects victims of crimes of lesser humanity. This is how Slate reported it (and everybody else)
“U.S. Apologizes for Intentionally Infecting Guatemalans With Syphilis U.S. officials apologized on Friday for deliberately infecting hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis and gonorrhea during secret medical experiments in the late 1940s. Between 1946 and 1948, the U.S. Public Health Service and the National Institutes of Health worked with the Guatemalan government to infect 696 unsuspecting Guatemalans—including mental patients—with STDs in order to determine whether penicillin could work as a preventative measure for the disease. “Many of those infected were encouraged to pass the infection onto others as part of the study,” MSNBC says. The so-called “Guatemala experiments” were discovered by Susan Reverby, a Wellesley professor who stumbled upon them while researching the Tuskegee experiments, a forty-year study in which the U.S. government also infected black men with syphilis up until the 1970s. NIH director Francis Collins is scheduled to discuss the issue at 11 this morning, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologized this morning for the “clearly unethical” experiments”.

Last night I watched Mrs Reverby being interviewed in PBS, It was a chillingly detached conversation between her and the host. The interviewer asked about ethical concerns(?), proper “protocols” and other astoundingly irrelevant considerations forgetting the main point of, attempted murder by deliberate infection wih Treponema. Mrs Reverby stumbled upon the information while “researching” Tuskagee. I was absolutely taken aback by their demeanor (the TV host and her) as if it was an academic case of misconduct. The point here is that this disposition reflects the mentality of banana republic makers: entitlement. Entitlement of the people that planned and executed the “research plan” (which didnt produce any results, anyhow) completely ignoring their “subjects”.

To anyone doubting entitlement as a permanent US attitude towards many around the world, review the case. Dont blame the Guatemalans. Blame the scientists, their bosses and the sense of cosmic entitlement that prevails thru many in the scientific stratum of this country.

Philip Milton Roth

October 3, 2010

His name has been thrown as a Nobel Prize winner this year: CBS interviewed him. Go Roth!!

Mapuche resistance: the hunger strike is over!!!

October 2, 2010

The mapuche hunger strike is lasting within the “range” of how long the IRA strikers lasted in the 80s. Bobby Sandas lasted 66 days.I remember well the tragedy. Hunger strikes have been used over and over to fight colonialism and opression (Ghandi among many). Maybe we could strike to exercise change in the US?? ja! What an irony ro hunger strike in esentially the Kingdom (oops the republic) of the obesity (Fat) , where mental obesity (fatuosity?) is a widespread trait.

While I was writing this I learned the strike ended, but not the struggle. I was afraid we would have to lament death, once again.

E verbis fatuos, ex aure tenemus asellum

Los 33, 34…..counting in Chile

October 1, 2010

33 miners are trapped, 750 mts down for 58 days near Copiapo northern Chile, and 34 mapuches comuneros have been in hunger strike for 76 days in Temuco, southern Chile. It is looking good for the miners, not so much for the comuneros, unless Pinera (president) sits and gets rid of antiterrorism laws, under which the mapuches are charged. Viva Chile

Le bloogboisie-booboisie-americaine

October 1, 2010

A propos of a typical Hitchens rant against blacks, disguised as a rant against black preachers (which got piled up in the diatribe against preacher long, accused of homo relations with young parishioners), that happened to be great civil right leaders, some bloggers invoke HL Mencken as a proper metric for Hitchens prose (before, some have used Orwell, gimme a break, please). Maybe so. I, however see more of a metric for Hitchens with Mencken racism, antidemocratic sentiment, antisemitic rants. and messianic sense of superiority, disclosed in Mencken diary. Mencken contributions during the Scopes trial are lost in his stance during the world wars: german superiority and pro-nazi. His fight against fundamentalism -as in the trial-was more a satire of the booboisie that today, more educated-blogging-praises the same one that whipped them, but that none even read him