Le bloogboisie-booboisie-americaine

A propos of a typical Hitchens rant against blacks, disguised as a rant against black preachers (which got piled up in the diatribe against preacher long, accused of homo relations with young parishioners), that happened to be great civil right leaders, some bloggers invoke HL Mencken as a proper metric for Hitchens prose (before, some have used Orwell, gimme a break, please). Maybe so. I, however see more of a metric for Hitchens with Mencken racism, antidemocratic sentiment, antisemitic rants. and messianic sense of superiority, disclosed in Mencken diary. Mencken contributions during the Scopes trial are lost in his stance during the world wars: german superiority and pro-nazi. His fight against fundamentalism -as in the trial-was more a satire of the booboisie that today, more educated-blogging-praises the same one that whipped them, but that none even read him


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