Accelerating negative Zeitgeist or the pomposity of the audacity of hope.

Pomposity of Hope for democrats? the people? Barack: good vs evil? (what an astonishginly silly name: democrats should be renamed mediocrats). But, wait there is hope: the WSJ acknowledged a somehow surprising early voting poll, suposedly boosting democrats’ hope(s): nonetheless, the relationship between early voting and democrats is unclear to me, especially after the sunday talking heads versions: what a bunch of ignorants. Still, I anxiously wait for a GOP failure(not getting Senate, but yes the congress). In this Im seconded by M Steele, (the almost black RNC head) and a Tea Party debacle: the TPers (what an astonishingly silly name) are a particularly nasty segment of the human race. However, if the young TP are like Ms O’Donnell for example, there is reason to assume they will go extinct but not soon enough, i am afraid. There it cant possibly be so many people of this disposition (i mean beyond the mean of being mean nd silly) After Baracks’ election, everybody sat in their asses waiting for the audacity of hope?Instead they got Godot (nobody with no hope for “redemption) and hoped that hope would bring audacity. Instead it came: uneployment ( a conspiray theory would claim right wing extremists are responsible ) increasing racism, bigotry, alienation, “deficits”, freak candidates: AZ going Nazi, Boehner going orange, atheists going wild, christians going ape (no pun intended) Paladino, Angle, O’Donbell, Fiorina, Palin going grizzly on her own (how long will she carry her Down baby around, she should charged with child abuse?)Arpaio making a political run, possibly. So much for hope politically.

In different domains of hope we have the hope of instead of dealing with safer NFL helmets, or changing the rules, we get players suspensions for head-on charges, which is a silly thought: it wont protect the players and will make the “game” duller (whats american football without the goriness of human bulls launching at each other? head on?) i take corridas de toros anytime.But wait, hope from outer space: NASA ‘discovers” water, again in the moon, actually one frozen crater, and a new hospitable for life “planet’ is announced. This is some concrete hope.


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