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Winning streak!!! Hope at last……

December 28, 2010

Finally, Jonah Lehrer, published something interesting: The truth wears off. in New Yorker annals of science ( what a bad word: annals, one n less and one faces the anuses of all scientists and else, horrifying).(unless is ani?). C’mmon JL man up keep it up. Good job.

This will make many foam and twitch and jerk off like charmed snakes (the twitching). Specially evolutionary psychologists. and medical researchers …and…need to say?….almost everybody.


Real Hope

December 28, 2010

Few moments are more exciting-for me at least- than new findings in the evolutionary history of humankind.
Numero uno: From the Huff :

“A Tel Aviv University team excavating a cave in central Israel said teeth found in the cave are about 400,000 years old and resemble those of other remains of modern man, known scientifically (sic) as Homo sapiens, found in Israel. The earliest Homo sapiens remains found until now are half as old”
Obvioulsy (findings published in AJPA) the finding remains to be corroborated. Already Sir Mellars casts a doubt. What does he know?( I havent read the paper).

Numero dos: The denisova pinky. Also it remains to be confirmed ( the genome sequence). Ill let Hawks pontificate.

What does this got to with hope: raises the illusion of new scenarios for human evolution. I intuit that knowing our evolutionary history can help break down the rampant betise, abundant and non abated. How it can accomplish this? no idea..I assume it makes cosmic dust real.Embodied.

hither is hope!! from a blog

December 27, 2010

“” can transfer files to my JB Apple iOS devices using the standard Apple Finder via the Cydia Netatalk app, which broadcasts afp, or by the iFile app, which views/emails/trashes files, or by good old ssh/sftp.

One iPad cost not to overlook is another 3G service contract, which will quickly overtake the cost of the device. You can, of course, Bluetooth tether a JB iPad to use a JB iPhone’s 3G connection, but that’s a PITA, and it’s usually easier just to use the iPhone””…a slow f……………………………………….!

So much for goodwill…and any hope for hope

December 26, 2010

Just read Richard Dawkins’s invited oped in the Guardian. Such an idiotic ‘piece”. Doesnt Dawkins get it?- and besides where was he when Rat-zinger went to England? Like if we blamed todays’ British for the crimes of the empire?

To hope or not to hope: that is the question?

December 26, 2010

Henry Miller, F. Nietzche and others had a bad experience with hope and preceded Barack with their audacity not to hope. Whats’ a decent anthropoid to do when thinking about 2011 resolutions? half time report : looking bad.

“We are in deep trouble”.

December 24, 2010

“People: we are in deep trouble”: Gene Lyons in” A deluded citizenry can’t effectively govern itself. Yet complacency and institutional cowardice causes “mainstream” media to play along with the fiction that Fox News is an ordinarily craven, celebrity-driven news organization”. More to the point: Take the fact that Newt, Palin, Huckabee and more, all presidential candidates potentially, are paid entertainers at foxnews. How can one conclude we are not in deep trouble if they dispense vitriol every week or so?
Evan Thompson in Newsweek, offers a rather starkly darkoverview of our current status as a nation (one under god??):” The irony is that the Internet and limitless TV channels once seemed to promise more truth. More information, from more sources, should have liberated the marketplace of ideas. Open, free, unfettered speech has usually served to expose the abuses of power. I assumed the same would be true when every citizen could become a journalist, and power could not be rendered unaccountable by secrecy. But it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. There is more noise and more opinion—but arguably not in the cause of truth. Untruths and gross distortions swirl around the Internet, supercharged by the cable-TV bias for hyperconflict”.. Thank you Thompson.

However, I feel the fox news/web/blog comment applies extensively to most US human endeavours 2010, capturing the zeitgeist of the year(s) we live in this backyard of the mexican hacienda. It applies to scientists and their science aboviously. Take Tom Junods’ ‘piece” in Esquire : “we dream in science:”….and this is how science will become like religion in all things except in its actuality“. Whoaa sailor!! (i love this expression, i wonder where it comes from; it is a late 40s song by Hank Thompson!1 and it written whoa sailor..rather silly and popeyesque)
Consider Ophrah trusting the intelligence of the american people not to vote for Palin-or Newt, or Huckabee or Rommney, for president: good luck and good night with that. Is Oprah really moronic (her book club bs is paramount)?. We elected Reagan, right?. Nixon, after three tries..we put up with Rove, what intelligence is she talking about??? maybe the intelligence to choose Murkoswki, what a force of nature; sock it you Miller.

Take Ms. Tracy Clark-Flory, *same Salon place than Mr Lyons* writing about “Hookers for Jesus”, a movement to support hookers (*running away from* pimps in Vegas). Good grief: is this real? yes painfully so. The citizenry’s dementia in USA running hammock. Hookers for Jesus…gasp…although I acknowledge the fact that the man (Jesus) had a soft spot for hookers. (if they looked like Mary Magdalene played by Barbara Hershey in Scorceses’ wild version of Christ last moments, I assume one has to sin). Thanks to Ms Clark-Flory for this fact-oid, albeit iconic.

…take Eric MacDonald, in flies on wheels *actually butterflies and wheels*.. revisionist rendition of contemporary history and declare that the enlightenment (gimme a break, please) wasnt such, in fact it fell short and the new atheism “movement” (rated one of the most overrated of the decade, for what ratings are worth) is picking up the fight of reason: “Despite its comprehensive overthrow by the Enlightenment – what Jonathan Israel calls “theology’s loss of hegemony in the eighteenth century” (Israel, Jonathan. Enlightenment Contested (Oxford: University Press, 2006), 68) – religion still has a disproportionate footprint in the public sphere, even in places where the Enlightenment originated and flourished. Counter-Enlightenment forces were very effective in preserving the structures of ecclesial power that existed in Europe and in societies whose majority populations derive from European immigration. Religious belief itself made successive accommodations to scientific discoveries and the liberal, democratic political arrangements that originated in foundational philosophical works of the Enlightenment”…disproportionate footprint?? yeah republicans have a very disproportionate footprint, so does foxnews, american football has a big footprint, pornography has huge footprint 9especially among republicnas)what else.?..anything one doesnt like is a ‘disproportionate footprint”? with allies like MacDonald we need a Better Enlightnement, not the sanctimonious whimpering of self designated guardians of reason and humankind like Mr MacDonald and others. I find that Mr MacDonalds (i wonder if his family has anything to do with burger king) comments mirror the attempts to recycle established ideas-even and including science-and metamorphose them in a ‘new’ kind of knowledge.

Take Sean Carroll, of the cosmic variance kind: he makes a pass at Leibniz..Leibniz for crissake, ( I bet he knows of him because Lee Smolin). Like MacDonalds pass at the enlightnement (should study more, Phillipp Blooms’ new book reviewed at the economist last month I think was very informed).

I find the citizenry-the gliteratti, the technorati-(think of castrati) a bunch that fails to acknowledge previous intellectual achivements and ideas and dont read history and dont learn a bit more of this place. The point being these guys, despite their credentials, speak off the cuff, from the hip, except they dont hit the targets. No targets really.

Take D 2 dismissing Maturana and Varela via someone else (reviewing Thompson and Cosmellis’ if I remember correctly). Bad move. Futurologists had predicted their (M&V) thinking will be more and more appreciated (how can knowledge be appreciated?). D2 makes a big mistake when pronounces M&V ideas (theories are not) just another way of telling the cell theory (sic). Or a gibberish “chemoton” kinda thing. bad move D2

Take Frontal Cortex lecturing about the ‘science of heroes” and the ‘science of charity”: a very slow f……………………Drop a curtain of decency over the stage. Last one out turn the lights off-once more.

NASA self-poison of choice: As.

December 4, 2010

In an obviously overtly exaggerated and overtly misleading media show, NASA and some of its people hyperhyped the description of an arsenic loving bacteria fished from the bottom of a lake. How can you demand knowledge accountability-to undergrads for example, to MH for example, to Glenn Beck for example-and anybody for that matter if NASA behaves in this way? I have found that in the last years, water in the moon, water in Mars and “new planets” have been grossly inflated stories. NASA has been a failure here.

On the positive: Sharon Begley wrote a very decent review in Time magazine of the status of genetic knowledge of disease. 80 % of the studies are wrong or irreproducible? I will check, but wouldnt surprise me. Plenty is wrong with scientists and medical sciences’ approach to their contributions. Diabetes medicine, osteoporosis? annoying Sally Fields advocating unsubstantiated benefits for Boniva ( I havent seen the TV ads anymore)…still out in some magazines. One of Boniva side effects: locks your jaws…..

The Josipovici manifesto on emptiness long overdue and emptily applicable everywhere.

December 3, 2010

Gabriel Josipovici has for longer than shorter decried the aggrandizement-self and non-self- of Rushdie, Barnes, Amis and diverse members of the appointed writing intelligentsia-globalized-. Their oeuvre is what the media says it is, great and deep. And they believe it. So does the “public”. Whos’ the “public” anyways? The readers of the NYT or the WSJ?. Josis’ raw argument is: their work, i.e: writing-the dream team- is shallow and empty.

Empty, baby: the most iconic qualia of the zeitgeist. In ‘what ever happened to modernism?” he-Josi- argues that the press feeds selected carcasses to the I-lliterate masses-ignorant rather- that happily lazily park their minds in sanctioned territory, and smile and attend soirees, drink horrible wines and talk about: nada de nada. I argue that what Josipovici argues is a general theory of one inarguable property of the times: emptiness elsewhere. Emptiness everywhere. The audacity of hope?: empty; mid term elections? empty. Sex? empty. Fortunately I would say. Science: empty?

Whoaaa sailor!! How so? I will tell you how so-as George Constanza famously asserted-science is rather empty of potable explanations. Unless they comply with the status quo. Any decent reasonable argument(s) to challenge the status quo of knowledge is denounced as stupid, unreasonable and ignorant. Cases in point: the adaptation/natural selection “wars”, group selection, selfish gene irrelevance, meme boredom: we dont really know how we evolve. In the string theory conflagrations. egos, peoples, careers fly left and right. But dare you say that current physics is more or less senseless; you outta here. Read the blogs: Lubos Motl. No doubt a brilliant monster, but hurt and flailing and loosing the sanity wars. Rather to contribute closing gaps and filling voids he insults, denigrates, in sum: empty arguments. Both insane and shocking, or are they? Anyone, like this anthropoid that argues that SETI is a silly program is vituperated as unreasonable.