The Josipovici manifesto on emptiness long overdue and emptily applicable everywhere.

Gabriel Josipovici has for longer than shorter decried the aggrandizement-self and non-self- of Rushdie, Barnes, Amis and diverse members of the appointed writing intelligentsia-globalized-. Their oeuvre is what the media says it is, great and deep. And they believe it. So does the “public”. Whos’ the “public” anyways? The readers of the NYT or the WSJ?. Josis’ raw argument is: their work, i.e: writing-the dream team- is shallow and empty.

Empty, baby: the most iconic qualia of the zeitgeist. In ‘what ever happened to modernism?” he-Josi- argues that the press feeds selected carcasses to the I-lliterate masses-ignorant rather- that happily lazily park their minds in sanctioned territory, and smile and attend soirees, drink horrible wines and talk about: nada de nada. I argue that what Josipovici argues is a general theory of one inarguable property of the times: emptiness elsewhere. Emptiness everywhere. The audacity of hope?: empty; mid term elections? empty. Sex? empty. Fortunately I would say. Science: empty?

Whoaaa sailor!! How so? I will tell you how so-as George Constanza famously asserted-science is rather empty of potable explanations. Unless they comply with the status quo. Any decent reasonable argument(s) to challenge the status quo of knowledge is denounced as stupid, unreasonable and ignorant. Cases in point: the adaptation/natural selection “wars”, group selection, selfish gene irrelevance, meme boredom: we dont really know how we evolve. In the string theory conflagrations. egos, peoples, careers fly left and right. But dare you say that current physics is more or less senseless; you outta here. Read the blogs: Lubos Motl. No doubt a brilliant monster, but hurt and flailing and loosing the sanity wars. Rather to contribute closing gaps and filling voids he insults, denigrates, in sum: empty arguments. Both insane and shocking, or are they? Anyone, like this anthropoid that argues that SETI is a silly program is vituperated as unreasonable.


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