The inane insane

Case 1. I was reading Sn-h-itchens post (Slate) on the Kings’ Speech movie: insane and inane: “In a few months, the British royal family will be yet again rebranded and relaunched in the panoply of a wedding. Terms like “national unity” and “people’s monarchy” will be freely flung around. Almost the entire moral capital of this rather odd little German dynasty is invested in the post-fabricated myth of its participation in “Britain’s finest hour.” In fact, had it been up to them, the finest hour would never have taken place. So this is not a detail but a major desecration of the historical record—now apparently gliding unopposed toward a baptism by Oscar” . So…the royals..wanted nazi England? Not that I care much about royals and else, but I do worry about nazis. I hope CH is aware that traitors-snitches (Judas and others) roast-simmer really- in the most humid and hotest place in hell. Dante said it was the ninth circle. The closest to hells’ core. Maybe CH gets a break since he doesnt think is going to hell.

Note added in proof: The King’s Speech, David Seidler, writer in todays (27 Jan) HuffPost

“Thus, more than sixty years would pass before I plunged fully into writing the screenplay for The King’s Speech. My memories and admiration remained vivid, however. I read everything I could get my hands on about George VI, his life and his times. I did my best to do justice to a largely forgotten story about a king who, aided by a remarkable therapist, overcame a speech impediment to lead his country through some of its darkest hours.
The King and his courage remain an inspiration to me, now more so than ever as I face my own personal challenges. I am returned to my youthful emotions as I see this story realized onscreen by an ensemble cast of brilliant, sensitive, sharp-minded actors, under the exemplary direction of Tom Hooper”.

Case 2. Kermit (not the frog) Gosnell is a doctor that killed hundreds of babies in utero (fetuses?, feti?) and at least one woman, while performing abortions over three decades!!!. I mean if it wasnt tragic it would be insane? inane?. His gaze reminds me of Kevorkians’ face, the Michigan assisted suicide good doctor. Kevorkian always bothered me because of his self appointed righteous hollier than you preaching. K & K are not good for anybody. The laws changed: Oregon, WA and Montana (?) have declared assisted suicide legal. That is what is important, for social life. I put them together cause Kermit was kinda of doing a mirror deed of assisted suicide. The mom asks a doc to kill her baby. Kevorkian was asked to assist the self death or kill himself the suicidist. bad deal. Which reminds me of MacDonald, a former anglican priest (former anything is always bad: you been wrong your whole life until you are old. Choice in dying? no choice: the name of his blog) that took his MLS afflicted wife to be killed in Switzerland. He fights the religious obstruction to assisted suicide-from the churches(sic). The problem is not the churches, buddy, it is the law. Fed laws, states laws. Somehow the nomenclature of these people show a common ancestry. Self rightneoussnes and probably more. Cant think of it now. Fight the laws, change them; run for office. Dont hide.

Case 3. Jes Ventura, of Predator fame, of UFC (?) and later as governor of Minn (only in America) is suing TSA over far reaching (?) searches. For a guy that was always groping and being groped in the ring…gimme a break. I like Ventura, I thought he is a bright compassionate being: maybe too many concussions. I hope not. There it is a website promoting TSA suits over undue searches:TSA out of our pants (sic). Jerry Coyne, the WEIT blog, has stated he was violated, groped, insanely oversearched, at Logan airport. I find it a bit of overstatement. Violated? 4 amendement rights?? Very strong words. Overreaching searches before boarding a plane, thats better. You can always ask for a supervisor-a glowing female.. Better safe than sorry wouldnt you say? Of course not when rightneoussness and entitlemet drive your social selves. I feel bad for Ventura. Who the hell cares to show balls and penises-well the image-over a black and white screen? Please: grow up. Stop whining.
PS: Someone pointed out the Moscow bombing; bad timing Jessie. keep fighting aliens.

Case 4. Michael de Dora making a case for the moral imperative being a vegan. This is for real. This is a real Phd student living by the word of vegan-ism/It is so sad, wanna cry, but lets wait for BO to say his piece on frozen budgets. Go BO, go. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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