The State of Public understanding of science

Random sample from blogs;

Re: Reptile gene discovered in human genome… #18000 2 days, 17 hours ago

“Alright! We have reptile genes.
What I get the sense of in the article is that the scientists haven’t told us everything. Deliberately or they don’t know. But this “information” is from the very Establishment, that calls the majority of our Human DNA, “Junk.” And throws it out…..or so they say.
What do they really know that they’re not telling us?
Remember, that these people are FUNDED by the Feds. Thus, they do what the Feds them.
Do you trust the Feds? Do you believe them?
I certainly don’t.
But say, we do have reptile genes. I say to these scientists: So?” Some of us already know that, or suspected it, due to many factors.
But then, from the reports of so many other individuals, from many Backgrounds, laymen or Ph Ds, we KNOW that our genes are not only from Reptilians, but many Others …whatever one calls them, “Space Races”- “Angels” – “Andromedans” “Sirians” …whatever.
We’re even descended from Apes. I’m kind of proud of that, because apes are peaceful and vegetarians, they’re innocent. It’s kind of fun to pick up things with one’s toes, you know.
Ape is good. Have pride in Apes!

“Superbia Simii Sum”

Last one out; turn the lights off.


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