Arab geeks both a fallacy and truth, it worked, the revolt I mean. (it seems so)

Today at NYT, Roger Cohen, argues that the power of facebok and/or twitter is bringing revolution via young geeks to arab countries. Is more like texting or cell phones, which I have been informed-i am not that tepid- makes it all possible. Well to an extent. Nasser came to power without twitting. However today Sunday, there is a startling report of Morse code used for internet providers to propagate the word-and sword-of the people.

I have learned that Malcolm Gladwell, the reasonable intelligent New Yorker, argues that tweet and blog and facebooking may nothing to do with social upheaval, sillily named in the media (at New Yorker). Many have already concluded it is a fact. Among them, Blow at NYT, which quickly has become a dispenser or truth, from graphic design, mind you. On the other hand the creative and mindful Sherry Turkle argues that”social media” leaves us alone , together” . Powerful idea.


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