An indecent proposal

Over at Slate, Hitch argues that Saddams’ ‘toppling” was justified as today it ripples through Egypt accelerating the demise of Mubarak, a former friend (more or less, Hitch is hiding behind Ibrahims’ support for said toppling). The “toppling” of the Sha rippled through Ahmadinejad ? Obvioulsy Mr Hitchens is dealing with his sad support for the ‘toppling” of Saddam, on account of the WMD argument.

Further, CH calls to leave behind “the immature culture of self-pity and victimhood, plus the equally false reassurances of theocracy” bestowed upon third world countries and banana republics I assume, and responsible for the horrors of the arab world, in this case, and elsewhere, of course. It only takes a subdit -subject, subdit is not an english word, to my surprise-of the former British Empire to have such an enlightened view of the world ,that obviously it was much better off, as colonies of said Empire(s).

As they say in many Latin America countries: “No me ayude tanto compadre” (Dont help me so much compadre”).


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