Hitchens on Reagan

Among the most influential inanities that support the myths of recent history of this country is the contention that Reagan was a beneficent and efficient president. Of course this is the GOP, Gingrich, Beck, and almost 50 % of the country. Big deal.

Lets run a popularity contest in the known universe: Reagan comes as the first runner up, only after Nixon I believe, as the worst US president in history for the rest of us. Typically, you hear who cares? Whateverm (whatevm in Jimmy Fallons aphorism) and so forth. Hitch wrote a scathing mostly accurate review of Reagans’ presidency. He calls him a dumb old lizard or something.

Man oh man. Im confused by old lizard Hitch. He doesnt look so despicable after reading this review (Slate 04?). Who would know? Im astonished ( I knew of his demolition of Kissinger and Mother Teresa, the albanian dwarf)


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