Seriously sick people: Reagan and interspecies mating: a perfect Super Bowl 45 day in America (aka US)

Case study one: It should have been predicted: everybody loves Reagan today. I feel physically ill listening to the revisionist reviews of this “brilliant dumb old lizard”, according to Hitch new definition of RR oeuvre. Darth Vader Baker I, curiously was very restrained; Darth Vader II, Super Dick Slim Cheney (thats what a couple of heart-chokes ill do to you: slim you down) was not. Peggy Noonan, far from grace looked really weird walking seductively around (I thought she was hot then). The old and young schmuckos at Fux (Scottish phonetics) licking their chops, in bronze quotes: ” I knew Reagan, we peed together” one claimed. And so forth.

Is everybody sick here? Are americans scared of their own shadow? I think so. I’m afraid so. You can’t lead a life this way. I mean going back and forth between this and that, as Seinfeld aptly argued.

Case Study two
: The NYT publishes a review by some C. Beha guy, of the book: “”The evolution of Bruno Littlemore”, the chimp. Benjamin Hale is the creative evolved human mind behind this extremely erotic trama of chimp makes physical love to her guardian (isnt this harassment?) Lydia. Im not sure what is funnier, the NYT publishing this bs; Beha, thinking his meliflous luminous narrative will launch Hale to the heights of Nabokov, Kafka, himself or Mr Bale who wrote, according to him a fine story of evolutionary love. I think that WA state people has lost its preeminence as bestiality N. 1 practicioners.

These intertiwned stories intersect each in a mysterious way. Ill explain Now have to get the most succulent piggish pizza for Bowl party, I dont want to be perceived as antisocial


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