Its official: the FGT Trinity saved Egypt (from?)…well, it seems it helped

The FGT Trinity: facebook, google and twitter saved the Egyptians….( Right…. ). Sullivan argues that precisely, the acitivity of FGT prepared the landscape for the “revolution”to happen. So condescending. I want to scream.Google advocacy is suspicious, another net bubble? you betcha!!! This time, revolution induced.

Oh and CNN, Anderson Cooper, were instrumental in getting the word out.(Right….) Note added in proof: Today (valentines’ day) many criticized Andersons’ journalistic style and content. I suggest Anderson only does what most reporters from the northern hemisphere do in the southern hemisphere do (or in banana republics): i.e.:patronize and dispense prescriptions for democracy, and for everything else and above all: freedom of press (meaning CNN, FOX, BBC so forth) sothey can have a job. If one is reporting a revolution you dont have guarantees of what can you ask for? Likely you will get beaten up, at best. Shot at worst, or best. This is what happened to Anderson, whom I like. He was roughened up. So why all the whining? You want rights in a war? Rights in a revolution? In a muslim mostly country? .

The egyptian people only through the social networks, achieved some dignity. The assertion is vox populi now. Anyone doesnt believe it is not with it……..f@#$%%#ing. The Trinity now oversees widespread rebellion in many arab countries.

Ok…Ill grant as Kristof points out that the “social network” “lubricated” the “revolution”. Clarence B.Jones writes in the HP about Egypt, Dr King, the social network and human dignity.

“There is nothing in all the world greater than freedom. It is worth paying for; it is worth losing a job; it is worth going to jail for. I would rather be a free pauper than a rich slave. I would rather die in abject poverty with my convictions than live in inordinate riches with the lack of self-respect. Once more every Negro-“every human”- must be able to cry out with his forefathers: Before I’ll be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave and go home to my Lord to be free.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, 1956, Montgomery, Alabama)

Mr Jones is realistic and inspirational. Freedom and dignity dont need the Trinity.


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