The Cacophony of the Blogosophistai

The (new) sophistai of the blogosphere are the usual wise arsses dispensing wisdom, that is self serving wisdom, in all possible subjects, even in the possible adjacent subjects. Politics, world affairs,i.e.: telling the world what to do (today feb. 22 Roger Cohen in the NYT tells all Europe what to do, in passing, insulting almost every head of state and ministers), of course, ethics: telling each one of us what moral is, the LHC, string theory, UFOs, climate change, euthanasia (how to kill your sick spouse and get away with it), evolution or not (how to hide your obvious lack of scientific substance), creationism or not (how to claim eternal life without deserving it), the perfect duration of fellatio, the irrationality of rationalism, the sanitary advantages of anal sex, how to manage your assets (and go to jail)l free advice by a blond chick. Enfin, anything and everything: the best of this, the best of that. The worst of this is the best of that. The problem is that for any given subject there is an opposite given answer usually using the same evidence used to argue the opposite.

Case in point, for example: it has been argued that BOs budget would save something like a trillion bucks from the deficit. Reversely, the “bizarro pundits” argue that it will ADD 3 trillion to the deficit. How is this possible? Impossible right?. In a completely serious hilarious article Charles Krauthammer in the National Review online (who reads this crap anyways? I was informed a blog calls Mr K as Kraphammer) tell us that BOs’ budget is a Louis XV budget and he explains that rates of growth assumptions-as many others have indicated- are the key factor getting one answer or the other. Oh and he also compares, favourably, Reagan with Louis XV!! The few that read the NRO know who Louis XV was? or the deluge associated with him? or (apres moi, le deluge) reference?. Kraphammer is a particularly insidious cacophone (evil man) dispensing his short lived truths wrapped in fake scholarly veneer. But he is not alone, most dont mention fluctuating rates of growth when discussing the deficit ( a very dense concept anyways). Cacophony,

The real sophistai have been important actors in history, but not in the sense used here, which is the lesser meaning. Sophistai were wise, profesional pundits Nich Ostler argues. Going through Nicholas Ostler Empires of the word, I was reminded of the work of the sophistai and a reference to Thucydides (iii.38.4) quoting an orator in the Athenian assembly that accused his public of being:

‘spectators to speeches, listeners to events” meaning that they “paid more attention to what they are told and how it was said,rather than their own common sense.

Ol’Thuc nailed it. Until WI, the people of the USofA was paralyzed. By unemployment,taxes, teaparties, Palin, GOP, the inaudacity of hope, by the sophistai spreading fear, mongering their own selfish message, dispensing advice to the whole world. The whole freaking world. The whole freaking Universe.


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