A sensible opinion about “intervention” in Libya

From Aljazeera, Richard Falk, Princeton, UCSB writes (Kicking the intervention habit:Should talks of intervention in Libya turn into action, it would be illegal, immoral and hypocritical.)

“Gaddafi’s crimes against humanity were never a secret, and certainly widely known by European and American intelligence services. Even high profile liberal intellectuals in Britain and the US welcomed invitations to Tripoli during the last several years, apparently without a blink of conscience, accepting consulting fees and shamelessly writing positive assessments that praised the softening authoritarianism in Libya.”
“What I am mainly decrying here in the Libyan debate are three kinds of policy failure:
•The exclusion of international law and the United Nations from relevance to national debates about international uses of force;
•The absence of respect for the dynamics of self-determination in societies of the South;
•The refusal to heed the ethics and politics appropriate for a post-colonial world order that is being de-Westernised and is becoming increasingly multi-polar.”

Post colonial world left unattended I might add. What I called, yesterday, the hard sour bullet of history


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