While the world crumble round us

A number of idiotic factions keep their contemptuous self promotion-actually they ratchet it up- in the face of widespread disaster, rather than contributing to some mitigation of overwhelming pain and destruction; among them: Gaddafi, the GOP, the governor of WI, Michele Bachmann, atheists, creationists, the Wetsboro Church animals, the NCAA referees, Megyn Kelly, euthanasia advocates, the Barcelona/Arsenal ref. Why just dont you shut up?. You are so irrelevant. Get with the program.


Concentrate making tech and knowledge more to save lives. Japan, third economy of the world, top ranking tech & science: defenseless against tsunami; no warning system (the tsunami warning system can be conceived in a number of ways, even messenger pigeons will do: ask Tyson), a nuke failed, thousand people gone (maybe more, so sorry).

So let me ask: how come cell phones didnt work in Japan after the quake? It seems they worked better in Haiti. Not sure. Skype did.


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