Mr Blow doesnt blow hot air, this time

Mr Charles M Blow at the Times today makes a rather poignant case for government involvement figthing obesity especially among children. He takes on the deranged oposition it raises among nutcases, tepartiers, gopers and every other walking zombie in the Milky Way, which now are legions.

A tragicomic twist;

“The right objects even though, as the accompanying chart illustrates, many of the more conservative states, particularly in the South, are also the ones that struggle the most with obesity.
Now many would rightly argue that the data don’t delineate to what degree conservatives expressly contribute to the problem. And they’d argue that large percentages of minorities — who have higher obesity rates and are more Democratic — in many of those states could skew the numbers.
Fair points, but they don’t erase the anomaly.
Even when you strip away all minorities and only compare obesity rates among whites, the highest rates are still in West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee.”

I commend Mr Blow insight and his charts. The Chart Magician.


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