There are on the order of 300 rapes in the US PER DAY

The NYT gets sanctimonious highlighting the righteousness of their reporting. It has been awfully bad in Libya and Arab conflicts and Japan and Chilean earthquake so forth. It would really advance womens’ safety to run a campaign against womens’ rape here an elsewhere.

“For the members of the foreign news media here at the invitation of the government of Colonel Gaddafi — and largely confined to the Rixos Hotel except for official outings — the episode was a vivid reminder of the brutality of the Libyan government and the presence of its security forces even among the hotel staff. People in hotel uniforms, who just hours before had been serving coffee and clearing plates, grabbed table knives and rushed to physically restrain the woman and to hold back the journalists”

What about the brutality of the US armed forces where more than 3000 rapes are reported annually? A case has been filed against the military, which is conveniently undereported. ONE rape is one too many, but it bothers the hell out of me the way NYT tries to sell.


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