The character of the cost of hunger ( and being fat…and poor )

Rev. Al Sharpton brings up-the horrifying truth- hunger among children and the astonishing fact that 44 million americans and 1 in 5 children depend on food stamps facing the possibility of funds cutbacks to the very program(s) that help them. (This sole fact makes me want write to the Queen of England and ask her to change their grandchildren wedding arrangements, and transform the $ dedicated to the celebrations, in help for children: a royal gesture on behalf of a former colony?) (Im sure there are hungry children in many corners of the Commonwealth too). Now that many Gopers have claimed that the economy is inextricably linked to the way we live: “social issues’ (really? but I think they mean it in reverse), we hope those programs will not be cut, but on the contrary, they would be made more efficient to maximize their reach to those that depend on them. However given the current character of the nation, worried more about padded bras for eight year olds (wthf? GG!!!), I am afraid the problem will be mutated unto something else.

One would want that those stamps can purchase enough healthy calories (food) for those children to grow up, well, healthy, and avoid fat. But no, how can anyone?: 1)prices are raging: 2 bucks/lettuce; 11 $ salmon/pound/WA; 2)people in food stamps are too depressed to think in anything else, but….eat; 3) the effects of poverty are multiplied by being fat. We have an obesity ‘epidemics”!!: you walk around and see: fat, fat fat fat (point with your finger while saying ), seat in coach and get fat, go to a seminar and get fat. An absurdly understated fact is that it has been shown (!) that obesity is more linked to HOW much we eat than anything else. The fact is that the ‘average” american male eats on the average 2,673 cal/day, but I suggest this number hides a gruesome reality of calorie overconsumption in underprivileged groups. So many fat children in underprivileged groups. Especially women (not proven) I doubt that stamps contribute to converge “health food’ (what a cognitively dissonant idea, if not utterly stupid) with fatness and $.

For the wise asses that have already called me on this: yes Im making the contention that being hungry can make you fat IN THE USA (not in Cambodia, where it will, being hungry, kill you faster) if you have stamps and access to 2000 calories of fried chicken in one 5 buck meal and there goes the cycle of self pounding and becoming addicted to….whatever.

On a related note and same thought streams, and striving to support “healthy food” some vegans, (Kathy Freston fantasizes on huffpost about the wisdom of a vegan diet its benefits on health and the general public, for example ) promote, or claim to, eating “good foods”, to fight fatterrorism. Besides veganism being an intellectually brankrupt “movement”, fueled by bad science and misconceptions, vegans have no grip of reality?; Of course not; show me a vegan in inner cities? a vegan in latino (of the tough kind) communities?; a cambodian vegan refugee? (Well he might have been vegan because he/she grew up that way and after thousands of year their metabolsim are tuned to their diet, of course). But in an incredibly silly argument Ms Freston goes:

“Beans, grains, veggies — these are the staples of populations around the world. Think of Mexico and South America, where inexpensive rice and beans coupled with corn tortillas and avocados are part of every diet; or rural China, where tofu with vegetables and rice, and maybe a very small bit of meat, is the norm; or India where people eat lentils or chickpeas and vegetables every day (there is NOTHING else to eat). Not only are these populations by no means wealthy, they also don’t have the diseases of wealthy countries (NO the die of hunger, war and opression). The general populations who eat these simple diets may get waterborne illnesses and lung infections from bad environmental conditions, but they don’t have anywhere near the rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes that we have — until they are exposed to our Western diet, that is (they use their evacuations to fertlize the food they eat. And that’s something to think about. Not only is a healthful plant-based diet less expensive at the grocery store (unless you go crazy for packaged convenience foods, of course) (NOT TRUE) it saves you personally and saves us societally in health care and many other direct and indirect costs. If you think these don’t affect you so much, think again. On the individual level alone, consider that your health insurance never pays for everything: even the best of plans charge deductibles and disallow certain medications. Being sick is expensive. More than that, a huge part of our country’s annual budget is given over to health-care costs, paid for by your tax dollars. And indirect health-care costs due to lost productivity adversely affect you in the form of higher taxes, too”.

save the system, fuck the poor and hungry.


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