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Спасибо Voina

April 29, 2011

Dick in progress


The Marriage

April 29, 2011

Just came back to my hotel from the abbey. The ceremony was precise. Reviewing videos I was impressed by the size of Catherine Elizabeths’ nipples entering the abbey.

Herzog inside Chauvet-Pont-D’Arc

April 28, 2011

Werner Herzog, the german filmaker that rolls like a french filmmaker has a documentary of the Cave Chauvet-Pont -D’Arc. Wh work is goregeous: Aguirre the Wrath of God and Grizzly man among them, for me obviously (especially the part where Treadwell gets eaten. Unfortunately his girl friend was grizzly hors d’oeuvres. She was afraid. People gave him money)

Already the cloud chatters about the hand-the cutting edge of the mind-(Bronoswkis’ phrase) that painted the walls, figures that became the membranes that separate our “soul: inner world” from the world (David Lewis-Williams).

DISCLAIMER: I havent seen the doc, yet. Read reviews, amazed that the frenchies let the film happen. A la votre sante!

The loonies (update)

April 27, 2011

While donald duck with a toupee credits himself  for the release of BHO  birth certificate, the long form mind you, another loonie (WEIT)  reproduces previous calculations of the  number of people killed by god. And another bunch of loonies comment on it, unavoidably.

The loonies update cumpliments of the Independent: Johann Hari: Donald Trump’s lunacy reveals core truth about the RepublicansHe is the Republican id – finally entirely unleashed from all restraint and reality

Comment, New Yorker May 2nd: Trumpery by Hendrik Hertzberg

April 26, 2011
“The dismaying truth is that birtherism is part of a larger pattern of rejection of reality that has taken hold of intimidating segments of one of the two political parties that alternate in power in our governing institutions. It is akin to the view that global warming is a hoax, or that the budget can be balanced through spending cuts alone, or that contraception causes abortion, or that evolution is just another theory, on a par with the theory that the earth is six thousand years old. Or, for that matter, that Bishop Tomlinson was ever King of the World. “The world laughs at us,” Donald Trump said the other day. “They won’t be laughing if I’m elected President.” That they won’t; anyway, he won’t be. But they are laughing now. As is well known, gallows humor is an excellent way to keep from crying. “Read more

Global finances as shoe trees

April 26, 2011

The Global Finance section of the WSJ is good as shoe trees in the absence of cedar ones.

Sein und liebe…. in the times of c(h)olera.

April 26, 2011

I wrote ‘colera” instead of “colera”: in spanish, colera translates as cholera or rage. Love in the times of cholera. The rage of Achilles.(Colera is much better word-weight wise- than rage, or anger as often done: “Sing Oh goddess the rage (colera) of Achilles….” (the english  translations of the Iliad are plain awful)). Garcia Marquez is happy to inspire me.

Rage can be argued is the zeitgeist of these times. The rage of the teapartiers. The rage of Beck. The rage of Bachmann. The rage against niqabs and burkas.  The rage of Trump not only claiming Obama is an illegal alien (illicit), but also somehow got unto school-Columbia & Harvard mind you-without grades. The rage of bad officiating in every sports league: worldwide malaise. And the complicity of the commentators. Not sure about the NHL. My rage against the Canucks: whats wrong with them? The rage of Hitchens clamoring for NATO forces of right  “taking out” Qaddafi: why doesnt he asks for assassinating Qadaffi? He doesnt have the cojones to ask Obama for ordering it: please Mr president assassinate Qaddafi. Actually, the exact verb is “kill” as it is done in front of the cameras, Kennedy was assassinated; MLK was assassinated.

 The cast of cowards remains current as they sinergize each others’ rage. Easy rage against easy targets (targets that are unlikely to notice you): Qaddafi, illicit  aliens, the poor, religionists, Jones, more.

 Where is the rage of the justs?

Ms Peggy Noonan, a new idol and female (sex) symbol

April 23, 2011

Ms Peggy Noonan has it all:  witty, smart, stirring talking cadence, Reagan speechwriter (a plus today), WSJ elite,  informed, gorgeous hair, and hot, physically. She came unto my life after I saw and heard her talk in some Sunday morning show. In saturdays’ WSJ she writes about ” What the world sees in America (sic) (actually the US)”.  Although this article is not particularly well developed and has a false start with the qualifier America for the US (the US is not godammed America!!) we find a very much needed call for a change in the collective psyche of US people. I also acknowledge she has written bad stuff.

 “And, being human, they (the world) may be judging us with a small, extra hedge of harshness for judging them and looking down on them (the world). We have work to do at home, on our culture and our country. A beautiful easter to St Marys Church of Charleston and happy passover to Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim’.

Well, with this phrase, Ms Noonan is enshrined in my superstar museum of fame. She is right: a hard look at our innards may improve our mutual conversations and those with the cosmos, badly needed since a quick scan of the human condition on this day (sunday) shows clear indications of a worsening status. A temperate call for religious tolerance is in due course.

On the mirror image of this call for tolerance, remarkably virulent blitzkriegs on “easter”  unchained in some atheists’ posts casting a sad shadow of intolerance in the already scorched landscape in TX or the tornado stricken neighbourhoods in St Louis (depending where you are you either burnt or swallowed by the sublime terror of the tornado) . In the meantime in some school in Seattle, easter eggs are now ‘spring spheres”, not to offend anyone,  and ridicule marches on showing human intemperance and intolerance here in America (this is so interesting).

We are totally off target, if ever there was one. Amazing that  fellow scientists  prefer take an easy, uncompromisng target on religions rather than face real problems, like real men! (or women). We wont even mention the Middle east ‘crisis”. What are we fighting for?

On a lighter note, a rapid poll among some enlightned vigorous males throws the amazing data that amongst public female figures (in the media) of different sorts, the following are considered ‘desirable” females, marriable: Diane Sawyer, Mrs Dole! (in her prime, shes a respectful granny now) the governor (ex) of Michigan Ms Granholm, Peggy Noonan, Arianna Huffington (kinky choice: you imagine exchanging delicacies with her accent?), Michelle Bachman (kinkiest choice). Sarah Palin didnt make the cut, it was considered she was probably  acid…… down there.

(the betise of common)Common sense

April 21, 2011

So many crazies these days. Crazy blogs, crazy news, crazy Trump, crazy Qadaffi,  Hitchens venting against HIS royals (however, the emphasis should have been the expense, the glamour, the offense of such waste, not the moral character of the Windsors), crazy S&P ratings,  reversed by a crazy Dow surge, crazy WSJ promoting Hayek doctrine for Egypt as a means to introduce capitalist democracy (there is no longer communism in the world, at least practically), crazy evolutionary scientists arguing against….religionists, ….crazy..crazy..all around us. And in most cases these people hold high their sense of …..common sense. Everybody else is nuts except them. The “liberals” lack common sense often argue the non-liberals. and so on.

“Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the world, for each one thinks he is so well-endowed with it that even those who are hardest to satisfy in all other matters are not in the habit of desiring more of it than they already have.” Rene Descartes

Corporate poetics

April 19, 2011

My daily flagellation exercises, especially during Holy Week, often include reading the opinion pages of the WSJ. Today (monday) i read  one strikingly  idiotic (?) article ranking high in my shortlist of idiotic writing (including mine). Mr Danny Heitman, the author of a “Summer of birds” and admirer of  Wallace Stevens (who got a beating by Hemingway back in Key West in the 30s), argues in: ” What John Keats (john Keats, john Keats!!) can teach a CEO”  that:

 ”  But maybe its time we reconnect with poetry not as a rarefied ritual (sic), but as a vital force of erudition and insight that can help shape the very texture of our national life, including corporate culture…….” 

yeah…right..Mr Heitman.  Have the Donald run a ‘You are fired if your poem sucks and cant make a million with it”  tv show…..

Mr Heitman cites Messrs.  Stevens and Sissman as “successful” poets on ‘successful” corporate jobs as examples upon which his theory is built (both poets are dead old timers,  both Harvard graduates and despite Pulitzers and National Books award their poetry is lesser,  in my modest opinion, naturally). Incidentally, there is zero evidence that writing poetry positively influenced their-Messrs S & S-corporate performance or their poetic chant, and of anyone else for that matter. I would suggest based on a succinct review of  S&S biographies and work that poetry for Messrs S&S was one more  of their “organic satellite” functions (Mr Stevens is quite famous on account of his Pulitzer; Hartford; being punched by Mr Hemingway and never have spoken to his parents after marrying). Perhaps they engage poetry to add relevance to their lives, corporate status, a continuation of their college years maybe?  It is difficult for me to see them as poets. (Jorge Luis Borges was a poet and a bureaucrat too, showing you can write poetry and be a cog of the system, in the sense a VP is, so Mr Heitmans’ take is not altogether implausible, which completely discredits my claim)

Any modestly intelligent human being can attempt writing poems, few humans are poets, many humans write stuff like The Emperor of ice-cream, Or Harmonium, Mr Stevens’ first book, declared dead upon arrival by Percy Hutchison of the NYT in 1931. which I read and was shocked by the severity of the review.

I assume that this rockwellian facet of american life may persuade some that deep  poetic lives are resonant and in fact improve your work as  VP or CEO; it seems “reasonable” in the eyes or mind of Heitman that is so the case. I doubt it very much he’s proven his case.

However, I acknowledge Mr Stevens, thru Mr Heitmans column, gallant, though triumphalisitc and naive attempt to write “pure and cold poetry”, as called at his time (by Hutchison at the NYT). The man Stevens had his ideas about poetry, albeit he couldnt execute them. I also acknowledge his balls-Mr S- to cut off his family after they didnt approve of his marriage. Probably these actions of serene fortitude served him better at his business of being a VP, not a CEO, than his poetry.