Post 1 April jokes’ review: foolish..and boring…really boring, xcpt for Hit

Everybody else and their aunt took an Aprils fool shot to a decent joke: everybody gets a failing grade.Is it possible that all jokes were really bad? what does it say about the psychological status of the ones making jokes? Maybe the hilarious outrageousnss of newsmedia we got, is a reflection of the lack of..what? Lack of Hilarity? Foxnws ranks top on the boorish alacrity displayed day in, day out (I love this exprssion is so silly) becoming hilarious.

I happend to stumbl on VF online on a Hitchens May 2011, praising the King James Version of the Bible? I thought it was an aprils fool “joke”; but, it wanst, as hilarious and tragic, really, as it is. I mean, it is. The contrarian of Hit argument being othr vrsions (which I think british call Sid James versions) of this document, the KJV. I suggest one possible line of reasoning is Hit real or fake genealogy, alluded in said “piece”, going back-my speculation- to William Tyndale, aka “Hychyns”, who was a traitor, later strangled and burned (burnt?) at the stake “(It’s a long and stirring story, and its crux is the head-to-head battle between Sir Thomas More and William Tyndale (whose name in early life, I am proud to say, was William Hychyns). Their combat fully merits…”). The thing is that Hit delivers a passionate (love) panegyric of the KJV of the Bible. According to Wikipedia: “The fifty-four independent scholars who created the King James Version of the bible in 1611 drew significantly on Tyndale’s translations. One estimation suggests the New Testament in the King James Version is 83% Tyndale’s, and the Old Testament 76%.[2]”.

Get the drift…Hychyns..Hitchens, KJV, good english passed along by imperial english selfish genes discovered by Dawkins and so forth and so on?, of course we, I, have no idea why Tyndales’, Hychyns ref., is mentioned in this article. The british have been cackling about the 400 birthday of the KJV, which in itself is a bit of revisionistic, if not a whole lot. In fact Peter, Hickes’ brother has written about it in his blog and so have many other commentators. Key thought according to several: “A culture that does not possess this common store of image and allegory (the bible) will be a perilously thin one. To seek restlessly to update it or make it “relevant” is to miss the point, like yearning for a hip-hop Shakespeare. “Man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward,” says the Book of Job. Want to try to improve that for Twitter?”.

In any case, Hickes’ suggestion that the englishlanguage of thr KJV of the Bible saved British “culture” , maybe he means the Empire, is partially truth: the problem is nobody reads it anymore. I would contend Chaucer saved english. Lets seat back and watch how many claim their English and britishness nurtured by KJV Bible. Interesting to read how Mr Tyndale is the reborn heroe of british history murdered by the tyrant and the catholics church. Preposterous, kinda. Incredibly surreal.

Of course, the work of Northrop Frye (decades old): The great code, has been scarcely mentioned. I bet because he is canadian.
(Ill finish later, gotto get my daily foxnews injection) Back from gym, next day.


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