Hallelujah (aleluya) we are saved! by a secular bible….u got to be kiddin…


There is something intangibly preposterous about being british. We heathens will never know.The british spread the word of God, KJV, in English, via the East india Trading co. and others, in the colonies, and now spreads the word, without God, to us, still heahens. Not bad. (The brits were careful not to mix god in business transactions, a big mistake the spanish made for example).

AC Grayling, a demure Jeff Daniels look alike (in old age),with a gigantic white coiffure kinda a la Belle Poule on top of his philosphical head has released, no doubt to celebrate the 400 bd of the Bibles KJV: The Good book, a secular bible (it is true!), which havent read, but by the generously abundant brit press releases is a collection of plagiarized bits of wisdom that have appeared in the Readers Digest for long as I remember. Noteworthy is the attention that the Good doctors’ coiffure gets in the media.

Whats the point? To a suggestion (in a telegraph interview) that the book in question is like booze without the alcohol (Odouls?) the good doctor, an abstemious (alcohol anyways)  argues: “who wants to be drunk anyways? Rational life, not drunk, is so joyous that it is like to be drunk.”  But nobody wants to be really drunk cause you dont remember afterwards right??(my quote).

Grayling in full display (from web)

Im genuinely puzzled by this book  and amazed by Dr Graylings coiffure. What the hell is the point? What the hell can you hide under the coiffure: a frigate.

Actually i think the good doctor loos like a splice of Isaac Newton/Elizabeth in white hair. Bernard-Henry Levy (BHL) the most hated hair philosoher in USA, a genuine french fry, awfully smart but so full of himself that is nauseating (watched a Charie Rose on him: vomitive), has entered the hair hall of disgrace together with the Good docotr, hosted by the Donald???


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