Cerberus and Orthrus foaming after Templeton prize awarded

Lord Martin Rees won the Templeton. So? My mother won several “pastel de choclo contests?  He-his Lordship- gave a perfectly decent interview. There are several “sects” of atheistoids  foaming, apoplectically,  calling foul play.

“In his acceptance speech, Rees said, “Our planet has existed for 45 million centuries, but this is the first [time] in its history where one species—ours—has Earth’s future in its hands, and could jeopardize not only itself, but life’s immense potential.” That is why, he continued, over the past decade he has become “more engaged with issues of science policy and ethics, and global problems generally.” Elaborating, Rees told Physics Today that the two main threats to the planet are “that there are more of us, and we are collectively having more impact on the biosphere,” and “because individuals are more empowered by technology, we as a society are more vulnerable to small groups of people. Those are the difficulties of governance we will have to contend with.”

I mean give it a rest, lads. Get with the program.

Didnt I say it was intangibly preposterous (quietly boisterous) being a brit?


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