The angel of death (with a big head)

HBO showed, I watched, a 2010 Matthew Galkins’ Kevorkian biodrama, a biopic. Stunning and perplexing (how can it not  and be?) narrative of the angel of death (Which angel?). If i were a jury being asked: Is this the face of a killer?(by Kevorkian)  I would have answered without trepidation a definite yes. His face, even his smile is sinisterish. Cultural bias? Probably, but with those exophthalmic eyes?

Without further evidence Kevorkian feels megalomaniac in the “biopic’ without the delusional. He is not delusional. Bright, educated, but cold, of coldness most. Chilling. Like something is lacking. Self important and pompous too. Stubborn. Made a horrible “movie”? with Haendels’ Messiah, a mistake he said. Painted horrible paints, did decent music, he believes is genius. His armenian ancestry loud out there. Sorry he never married, really sorry: a mistake he states. Another mistake? (was he a virgin). He argues that he “helped” people end their lives (over 130 people).

Obviously, there is no reasons to endure unbearable pain while terminally ill.  Or be terminally ill wanting to go to the “other side’.  Or just to want to go, for no reason, which seems unlikely(is there a reason to want to die other than feel unbearable pain ?. I have tried to imagine a condition such that I say: Im leaving today. Cant do. The evidence shows that most suicides are without previous notice, which is a different story from this anyways. Think DF Wallace, he was really sick, and without “notice” he hangs himself. Warning signs other than sick of the head? And being depressed his whole life.). Ubercomplex issue. Anyone than pontificates about this is bound to gag thyself. What it is clear is that terminally ill, can ask for help to go. A legal issue, not a moral one. States and countries have dealt with this.

Nonetheless Dr K  ideas and opinions are rather just plain macabre. I wouldnt want him help me die.


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