A precis of and on masturbation

Over at WEIT Dr Coynehead writes a hilarious rendition of the “venial sin” (in the catholic catalogue of bad deeds) of masturbation. (I dont think he meant to be funny). In his relentless banal persecution of religions he launches a “ferocious” attack on the completely unimportant “venial sin”  of “catholic” masturbation, which he seems to claim is of a different nature of other masturbations, atheists and “cultural” jews included.

 How can anyone take masturbation seriously, especially if you are a ‘cultural ” jew, and if you have read ‘Portnoys’ Complaint’ (supposedly) and almost die of laughter-supposedly- on account of Roth? Anyone claiming the contrary should be questioned by a district attorney. If anyone had a nanoguilt dilemma about masturbating it was dealt with after reading Portnoys’ (a huge literary success in a country obsessed with sex).

 I suggest reading Portnoys once again, enjoy, and let masturbation continue to have its place in evolutionary weirdness.


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