Ms Peggy Noonan, a new idol and female (sex) symbol

Ms Peggy Noonan has it all:  witty, smart, stirring talking cadence, Reagan speechwriter (a plus today), WSJ elite,  informed, gorgeous hair, and hot, physically. She came unto my life after I saw and heard her talk in some Sunday morning show. In saturdays’ WSJ she writes about ” What the world sees in America (sic) (actually the US)”.  Although this article is not particularly well developed and has a false start with the qualifier America for the US (the US is not godammed America!!) we find a very much needed call for a change in the collective psyche of US people. I also acknowledge she has written bad stuff.

 “And, being human, they (the world) may be judging us with a small, extra hedge of harshness for judging them and looking down on them (the world). We have work to do at home, on our culture and our country. A beautiful easter to St Marys Church of Charleston and happy passover to Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim’.

Well, with this phrase, Ms Noonan is enshrined in my superstar museum of fame. She is right: a hard look at our innards may improve our mutual conversations and those with the cosmos, badly needed since a quick scan of the human condition on this day (sunday) shows clear indications of a worsening status. A temperate call for religious tolerance is in due course.

On the mirror image of this call for tolerance, remarkably virulent blitzkriegs on “easter”  unchained in some atheists’ posts casting a sad shadow of intolerance in the already scorched landscape in TX or the tornado stricken neighbourhoods in St Louis (depending where you are you either burnt or swallowed by the sublime terror of the tornado) . In the meantime in some school in Seattle, easter eggs are now ‘spring spheres”, not to offend anyone,  and ridicule marches on showing human intemperance and intolerance here in America (this is so interesting).

We are totally off target, if ever there was one. Amazing that  fellow scientists  prefer take an easy, uncompromisng target on religions rather than face real problems, like real men! (or women). We wont even mention the Middle east ‘crisis”. What are we fighting for?

On a lighter note, a rapid poll among some enlightned vigorous males throws the amazing data that amongst public female figures (in the media) of different sorts, the following are considered ‘desirable” females, marriable: Diane Sawyer, Mrs Dole! (in her prime, shes a respectful granny now) the governor (ex) of Michigan Ms Granholm, Peggy Noonan, Arianna Huffington (kinky choice: you imagine exchanging delicacies with her accent?), Michelle Bachman (kinkiest choice). Sarah Palin didnt make the cut, it was considered she was probably  acid…… down there.


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