Sein und liebe…. in the times of c(h)olera.

I wrote ‘colera” instead of “colera”: in spanish, colera translates as cholera or rage. Love in the times of cholera. The rage of Achilles.(Colera is much better word-weight wise- than rage, or anger as often done: “Sing Oh goddess the rage (colera) of Achilles….” (the english  translations of the Iliad are plain awful)). Garcia Marquez is happy to inspire me.

Rage can be argued is the zeitgeist of these times. The rage of the teapartiers. The rage of Beck. The rage of Bachmann. The rage against niqabs and burkas.  The rage of Trump not only claiming Obama is an illegal alien (illicit), but also somehow got unto school-Columbia & Harvard mind you-without grades. The rage of bad officiating in every sports league: worldwide malaise. And the complicity of the commentators. Not sure about the NHL. My rage against the Canucks: whats wrong with them? The rage of Hitchens clamoring for NATO forces of right  “taking out” Qaddafi: why doesnt he asks for assassinating Qadaffi? He doesnt have the cojones to ask Obama for ordering it: please Mr president assassinate Qaddafi. Actually, the exact verb is “kill” as it is done in front of the cameras, Kennedy was assassinated; MLK was assassinated.

 The cast of cowards remains current as they sinergize each others’ rage. Easy rage against easy targets (targets that are unlikely to notice you): Qaddafi, illicit  aliens, the poor, religionists, Jones, more.

 Where is the rage of the justs?


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One Response to “Sein und liebe…. in the times of c(h)olera.”

  1. Benedict Gerten Says:

    Fundamentals, but yes, most points are forgotten by a lot people eventually, many thanks for refreshing the basics..

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