Amanpour said OBL was in a mansion (the real, a far cry, it looks as an unfinished concrete bunker)..or something

C. Amanpour, the smart, somehow ungracious,  but exuding femality the moment she moves her fleshy mouth, keen and informed journalist said in 2008 that OBL was hiding not in a cave, but in a mansion. She didnt say where, but she hinted Pakistan. Weird, to say the least, or lucky guess, and  not too far fetched at all. Maher brought the issue up.

In 1992, Abimael Guzman, leader of blood thirsthy Shining Path, was captured in an “upper scale” Lima neighbourhood dance studio second floor (Javier Bardem played the cop who catches El Presidente Gonzalo in a not so well known movie. Wonder who will play the admiral responsible for the ops? and the Seals? Pitt? Cruise? Jamie Foxx? not Hawke please). It is reported the secret service followed the trash trail. The point is simple: people hide in plain sight. Other examples of humans hiding in plain sight abound. One striking contrast hiding in plain sight is of course, Anne (Annelies Marie) Frank.


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