Waterboarding the truth

If waterboarding worked so well, which is absolutely debatable, in order  to (help)  “take out” Binladen, and since it seems to have been morally sanctioned as a just, advanced interrogation ‘technique” necessary to preserve civilization, even by Ms Dowd, whom I despise transiently now, I suggest we extend the use of such technologies to MLD (majorleague  dickheads) in order to restore social order and bring truth out.

For example, what would Limbaugh tell? Breitbart? (he would cry, what a fag) or Boehner? or O’Reilly? Have Ratz-inger water-board Dawkins: delightful idea!! Justin Bieber waterboard Maciel (if he was alive) or use wb to ask what celestial emotions would some loonie atheist confess under hydrotorture? Hitchens tried it as a VF assignment, but he didnt confess to anything. Obviously. He lasted 17 seconds and since then has had recurrent nightmares being sent to Hell.

I just had this diabolically wonderful thought: have Reverend Jones waterboard A. Grayling (of the good book)


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