Djokovic, Nole, played gorgeous and beat Rafa in Madrid: quite a feat, after withstanding rafas winning underthecrotch ala connors winner (although the populalizer of the shot is according to some, Yannick Noah, Joakims’ Bulls dad). The shot devastates anybody, not Nole. He is a great, extraordinary baby, enjoying life (he is a Serbian, mind you).  Watch his imitations: better than any at SNL.

Love the Grizzlies, and Mavs (go Cuban: love the bastard, fuck the critics), Bulls AND the Heat, the three black-musk-eteers (blacketeers)or something,  are just too much.  

Go USA girls  football (soccer) team in June world cup (we are suing the NFL for stealing the appelative “football”).

 Go Canucks!!: finally some team wins anything in these latitudes.Seahawks dont count. Beat the Nashville, Nashville??? wtf / a hockey team in TN??. I dont even know whats their nome de guerre is.

Go Lady Gaga, you are not Madonna with diarrhea as someone pointed out somewhere. On account of your inmigrations’ views. Quite decent.


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