Not so ALS Hawking

Claudia Dreifus interviewd SH (NYT) and one question caught my attention:

“Q. I don’t mean to ask this disrespectfully, but there are some experts on A.L.S. who insist that you can’t possibly suffer from the condition. They say you’ve done far too well, in their opinion. How do you respond to this kind of speculation?

A. Maybe I don’t have the most common kind of motor neuron disease, which usually kills in two or three years. It has certainly helped that I have had a job and that I have been looked after so well.”

I have wondered, alone, all along, about his, SH, survival rate (of which Im really glad). I didnt know his diagnosis had been put to the test (it doesnt really matter really, the guy is alive).  A case of misdiagnosis. Not so uncommon. Lucky bastard.

It reminds me of possible cases of misdiagnoses  in some well advertised mentally ill scientists. Case in point N 1. Kay Jamison Redfield; Bipolar. After reading her biopolargraphy I was not convinced of her diagnosis. I must say  I was impressed though with her self agrandizing: typical of manics (myself), amazing : the most intelligent and beautiful, impossibly in love with the most gorgeous man..blabalab bla. Case in point n. 2. Temple Grandin (arghh). Autistic, or raher high-functioning autistic. Once I saw her introducing herself: Hi Im autistic! I jumped out of my chair and yelled : No you are not! I almost got killed.

The thing is never seen an autistic proclaiming its affliction. They dont even walk in the streets. Maybe Im wrong.  She comes across-to me obviously- a calculating, cold person, wearing 40s looking cowgirl clothes. And proclaiming autism is a fucking blessing?


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