Evolutionary so-stories from dating.

This is how scientific mythology is written.

Consider: Pinhasi, Ron, et al. “Revised age of late Neanderthal occupation and the end of the Middle Paleolithic in the northern Caucasus.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2011). The press release from University College Cork (yes Cork): “This new evidence throws into doubt the theory that Neanderthals and modern humans interacted for thousands of years. Instead, the researchers believe any co-existence between Neanderthals and modern humans is likely to have been much more restricted, perhaps a few hundred years. It could even mean that in some areas Neanderthals had become extinct before anatomically modern humans moved out of Africa”.

Total BS. Read the paper. The point is redating with new techniques Nean bones. 

From Wades’ article at the NYT: “Reviewing other Neanderthal dates ascertained with the new ultrafiltration method, Dr. Higham sees an emerging pattern that no European Neanderthal site can reliably be dated to less than 39,000 years ago. “It’s only with reliable techniques that we can interpret the archaeological past,” he said. He is re-dating Neanderthal sites across Europe and so far sees no evidence for any extensive overlap between Neanderthals and modern humans. “There was a degree of contemporaneity, but it may not have been very long,” he said. A short period of contact would point to the extinction of the Neanderthals at the hands of modern humans. “It’s very unlikely for Neanderthals to go extinct without some agency from modern humans,” Dr. Higham said.


John Hawks writes in his blog, and I mostly agree: “So from the Neandertal point of view, I think this is largely a non-story. There remains substantial question about the pattern of appearance of the post-Neandertal population, as I’ve extensively discussed here. When we consider the Caucasus, we are still working to understand the timing and mode of the later Neandertals and early Upper Paleolithic people. But there’s really no serious challenge to the idea that Neandertals existed in Western Europe after 40,000 years ago.”

BS?. Not sure. And then he adds: “Or if there is, it’ll be out of sync with what most of us think we know.” No idea what he means or thinks. The authors’ abstract last sentence: “Our results confirm the lack of reliably dated Neanderthal fossils younger than 40 ka cal BP in any other region of Western Eurasia, including the Caucasus”. BS . About 10 skeletons.

This story sounds familar: Giant mammal fauna in North America ( and elsewhere) annihilated by…sapiens!!. Yeah right: zero evidence.


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2 Responses to “Evolutionary so-stories from dating.”

  1. Millan Mozota Says:

    “Or if there is, it’ll be out of sync with what most of us think we know.”

    I’ll say he means that the “ultrafiltration” (the new protocol for processing C14 bone samples) that Oxford is aplying might age all the OIS 3 (say MP, EUP, Neandertal, AMH…) datations we know now.

  2. artikcat Says:

    cher millan tu crees se refiere al metodo/ tal vez a lo que el ‘american establishment’ (y europeo) creen que paso entre neans y sapiens….who knows..mi punto era que historias asi no reflejan la evidencia solo la actitud culturo/cientifica de los aludidos..adio caro

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