Nuremberg by Kramer

Last early morning (or late nite) woke up startled and couldnt go back to sleep, obviosuly. Turn to my second favourite strategy to restablish circadian balance, sex being the first choice, not always available, turn the TV on….Kramers’ Judgment at Nuremberg sprang on the screen, together with a Charles Bronson’s flick, which I love, Death Hunt, in a frantic zapping spree. Stayed with the Judgement.

The point of Nurembergs’ is the trial of triers: judges, 4 nazi judges, judged by american judges. From Wikipedia:” The film examines the questions of individual complicity in crimes committed by the state. For example, defense attorney Hans Rolfe (Maximilian Schell) raises such issues as the support of U.S. Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. for eugenics practices, the Hitler-Vatican Reichskonkordat in 1933, the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939 that allowed Hitler to start World War II and Winston Churchill‘s praising of Adolf Hitler. In the end, Janning makes a statement condemning himself and his fellow defendants for “going along” with the Third Reich and all four are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.”

But this what Churchill said about Hitler:

“In com­mon with most Eng­lish men and women, I should like noth­ing bet­ter than to see a great, happy, peace­ful Ger­many in the van­guard of Europe. Let this great man search his own heart and con­science before he accuses any­one of being a war­mon­ger. The whole peo­ples of the British Empire and the French Repub­lic earnestly desire to dwell in peace side by side with the Ger­man nation. But they are also resolved to put them­selves in a posi­tion to defend their rights and long-established civ­i­liza­tions. They do not mean to be in anybody’s power. If Herr Hitler’s eye falls upon these words I trust he will accept them in the spirit of can­dour in which they are uttered.”

Major questions( current today I strongly argue) are brought up in this movie by Kramer, and also it reminded me of the beauty of Marlene Dietrich and the force of Monty Cliff. Willian Shatner and Richard Widmark were striking. Burt Lancaster, kinda ominous gravitating as a nazi Elmer Grantry “Dr Janning”, without the toothy grin and the open waving  hands.

Somehow I thought of Guantanamo: why the fuck are we in there anyways?


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