Squash (game not the cucurbitaceae) as peace racquet.

Hashim Khan was (is) a portentous Peshawar, Pakistani, squash player: elegant, lethally fast of wrist, not “violent”, in the sense of modern power players that are hard or impossible to beat without shooting them. Controlling the T, placing the ball in the same spot over and over till a change of angle and done with the point, and your pride. A game of finesse. A squash drone fighting nuclear bomb armed cyborgs. We need finesse.

Hashim was (is he dead?) a small man, all tendons and muscles. Bowy legs. mischiveous eyes, smiling face, a gentleman.

 Fascinating how former British “subjects” (bad word: it should be subdit(o)s)  became so skillfully adept playing  dominator sports in champion fashions: badminton(!), polo (with precedent in buzkashi and other comic gatherings, of course: Chile current world champion, explained by love of horses, wealth and despite of argentinians), tennis, squash (the current champ is british), cricket (India world champion. Sri Lanka, runner up) (!), but not soccer.

To me,  fascinating. A Khan has been squash open world champion 15 times over 33 world opens.(not all related to each other).

Lets convene a cosmic squash open and have the winning players’ country be the host of relaxed peace talks. With ample celebrations, libations, hundreds of virgins or not, and talk about peace. In Pakistan, the Khan dinasty are so revered that I suggest it is worth the attempt to recruit their skill and discourage further killing and encourage further life playing global squash. Maybe we can even recruit a Taliban or an AlQ and transform them into world squash players: trade the AK47 for  “Unquashables”

 When everything else fails?


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