Distinguished evo prof Dr Coyne writes: “Ants are one of the most abundant groups on earth, but, curiously, not a lot of things eat them.  Yes, there are anteaters (who also eat a lot of termites), and some lizards specialize on ants, but the little critters are full of noxious chemicals and pheromones that put them way down on the list of predators’ preferred foodstuffs. Because of this, many other insects and arthropods have evolved to mimic ants, taking advantage of the aversion of predators to anything antlike”

Obviously ant mimes survive because they dont get eaten (so far so good).The ones-ant mimes- that resembled ants survived in the first place. And they evolved (so far so good).  Some will say semantics. To which I say: precisely (i dont  know whether fakes taste bad).

Moreover, it isnt “curiously’ ants are not eaten,  Coyne says it himself: ants  taste rather bad. (formic acid and other antie chemicals).

Cosmic Variance speaks confidently of biological science explaining “order’.  I assume he means biological order from  inheritance, development  and what else? The fact remains that despite we know most of the human genome sequence, we have the faintest idea how gene makes form-tissues, organs, human. Moreover, despite The origin and the new synthesis and the New atheists (sic) we dont really understand,  the rules of ‘evolution, beyond the purported explanatory force of the  conjectures of the selfish gene silliness and the shortcomings of “natural selection”,

“The common thread among all these thinkers: trying to explain the origins of order in the absence of teleology. The fact that we can do that successfully in biology, and are hot on the trail in cosmology, is a milestone achievement in the history of human thought”.

Doubtful cosmic doubt. Semantics? precisely lads.


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