Time 100 most (non) influential people

Time magazine usually dispenses wisdom in the form of the most beautiful, most successful, the most anything. Now we are graced by the 100 most influential people. In the Universe that is. I have no idea how they pick them. The first one is Wael Ghonim, the media sanctified “young” Google leader that Facebooking singlehandendly brought democracy..wait..no it hasnt happened yet, to Egypt. In the absence of evidence that it wasnt a publicity stunt (no reason to trust Google Egypt, Facebook or Wael himself) very ittle can be inferred from this. I place more contribution from the younger market vendorMohammed Bouazizi  that immoled himself in Tunisia for everythingit went down in that region.

Interesting to me was to know what scientists are cited. To my surprise, genuine surprise here are the names: Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, of bonobo and chimp fame (I met her great lady, gracious, nice Institute in Bloomington) but people should read the astounding work of Povinelli et al on the issue of chimps inner lives,  V.S (not B.S.) Rachamandran, fake limbs and mirror neurons (contrary to what mainstream says he didnt discover them), Derrick Rossi: stem cells, Harvard (about the only guy doing science here) and I may forget one or two but THATS IT.

Oh no, Felisa Wolfe-Simon and her sulfur bacteria are in: how is this possible? I thought that work was mostly bs?

So much for influential scientists reaching general audiences. There is a couple of medically related NGO drives but mostly they are sociopolitical in nature. Where are the stringers,  psych bios?  In the times of capitalist science I mised them in this ranking.

 I liked Joseph Stiglitzs’ mention (not a popular economist of the neocon, Rand kind, but a damn insightful analyst and pound for pound the most accurate one) and liked  Lionel Messi, Arianna and Barack O in the same page. Oh and darling Jennifer Egan, the older the wiser..and better looking.

Found this at wikipedia: “In the 2007 Time 100 list managing editor Richard Strengel explained that the Time 100 was not a list of the hottest, most popular or most powerful people, but rather the most influential, stating:

Influence is hard to measure, and what we look for is people whose ideas, whose example, whose talent, whose discoveries transform the world we live in. Influence is less about the hard power of force than the soft power of ideas and example. Yes there are Presidents and dictators who can change the world through fiat, but we’re more interested in innovators like Monty Jones, the Sierra Leone scientist who has developed a strain of rice that can save African agriculture. Or heroes like the great chessmaster Garry Kasparov, who is leading the lonely fight for greater democracy in Russia. Or Academy Award winning actor George Clooney who has leveraged his celebrity to bring attention to the tragedy in Darfur”.

No idea if this still ongoing.


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