Trumpo encore, but maybe not….

Of course he didnt run, the sleazebag. Can he be playing us?  Will Obama  have any real contenders from the GOP or anywhere? Well, maybe Rupert Murdoch or Rand Raul will go definitely crazy and run(Even  with Ron Paul there). I do hope sometimes this happens. I enyojed Perot screwing things up for the GOP, or dumb Nader screwing up big time for Democrats and everybody else for that matter ( he hides). I didnt enjoy this that much. And now, Oh Newt, you really screwed up, thank god, now NOBODY believes a single word from you.

Can anyone imagine a stranger landscape. Before OBL, Barack was considered gone. But now the question is how much of a lanslide will be. Without even throwing jobs recovery into the picture that will come inevitably.


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