The weinerization of the US, sadly, or The art of Lying.

Finally it has come to an end: the dumb(est) people rises (they do dumb lies)!!!! inevitably, I should add. The Weiner marathon to idiocy is sadly laughable, but a stark in our face reminder of the lunacy and cheating lying ways that preside over  public life (and private for that matter). Or is it the weather driving people bonkers? Ill be more or close to 80  F in most of the eastern  US today! Climate change baby: extraordinary patterns. One lunatic proassisted suicide  (choice in dying) claims that churches (religion) are behind anti-global warming denial (it is climate change you idiot: “Anti-global warming is almost entirely a religious phenomenon. Most religions believe in supernatural powers. The result of this belief is a corresponding belief in…bsbsbs”). I mention this evidently wrong and possibly lying,  statement (do ur research) because assisted suicide or climate change dont need this kind of bs. Effective actions are needed, not bs.

On the subject of assisted sucicide read Zoe FitzGerald Carter at Salon (june 4), about Kevorkians death (who(m?) didnt go assisted) assisted suicide (how can it be assisted?) and related issues. Complex, complicated and important. More on it despues.

Back to Weiner: I saw this chewing gum on NBC chewing chick being interviewed by C Cuomo talking about her “relationship” with Weiner.  I mean a chewing gum chewing chick? She talked and looked  like a pole (as in naked) dancer (not that I have much experience, some, but minor experience). Obviously she seeks  money or 20 secs of fame: what else? But chewing gum? I swear i saw it! she held it, the white piece of gum-coyly between her front teeth: more power to her (but will have fantasies). An inappropriate relationship she said, or Weiner claimed? Inappropriate??Inappropriate?? I wanna scream. We say inappropriate when we mean retarded. A relationship? They never met!! Off with their heads: together.

And now, Breitbart comes marching on: the big fat duck. Gleeful, shining and gleaming with sheer contempt, deservedly so, this time. He will be roasted sooner or later. This Breitbart duck is a lie ultraspecialist.


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