Unique-the only- hurricane force gale hits Villarrica, Chile.

Foto: Latercera.com

Go to www.Elmercurio.cl  to see pics of hurricane-like phenomenon in Villarrica, Chile: never happened before. Only 10 blcks of downtown Villarrica were hit.  No victims, several hurt.

Which highlights the subject of climate change and human induced warming:  read Muller from Berkeley Earth clear summary, in front of the congress adhoc committee in April, with climate change modelling based on exhaustive data analysis. (Via Scientific American: “I Stick to Science”: Richard Muller’s Statement to Congress about Climate Change [Web Exclusive]http://www.berkeleyearth.org/findings;  http://muller.lbl.gov/).  The  testimony amply analyzed by Pielke Sr and many others. Sudden and catatrosphic climate events seem to be more obvious, or frequent?


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